Get Fast Results in the Fight Against Stress, Anxiety, and Health Issues.


Counseling, the Modern Way.


I combine psychology, neurology, and biology to develop the approach that works best for you.


Do you feel:

I will provide you with everything you need for a life change.

Go beyond traditional counseling and enjoy an advanced healthcare experience, which includes focus on personalized care, wellness, and nutrition.

  • Wellness programs built just for you

  • A custom practice design

  • Expert advice from a trusted health care professional

  • Personal attention

  • Prompt, complete care.


Psychology the Modern Way

Enjoy interactive take-home tools and real-time bio-feedback with products like Unyte, Quip, and Pinch.


Integrative Health Counseling

Use your lifestyle as medicine.


Stress Management & Resiliency Training

A Mind Body Program for Health & Resiliency


Corporate Wellness Programs

Health, Happiness and Productivity at work.
I foster all three.


Ask Me Anything

I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Everyone is different, and I take a unique, personalized approach to everyone. We can discuss how I can help you during a free phone consultation.

You can also schedule a one-hour Ask Me Anything session. You can meet me in Person, or schedule a virtual session via WeCounsel, a HIPPA-compliant tele-portal.

Colleen Burns, Integrative Health Counselor

Colleen Burns, Integrative Health Counselor


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Get a complimentary health consultation over the phone. Or come in for an in depth health history to my Brookline, Massachusetts office or via WeCounsel tele-therapy. And feel better immediately. Simply use the button below to get started, and I will be in touch shortly.

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