Do you take insurance?

No, but I provide much more than standard talk therapy.

  • Tools for long lasting change.

  • I am a practitioner who looks at functional medicine. 

  • I offer a comprehensive treatment plan.

  • A customized approach for your health with the ultimate goal of permanent relief!

  • I focus on the patient not just the symptoms.

  • I am here on your journey to create a treatment plan including everything from diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes to stress management.

  • We create a program customized to you!

  • I work with what’s best for my patients to achieve inner balance.

Why combine psychology, biology and neurology?

Data supports that this approach works!!!

  • Looking at traditional treatment that includes various lifestyle interventions, decreasing fatigue, stress, and increasing VITALITY! 

  • It’s a supportive therapeutic type of healthcare.

Why do your programs work?

I have extensive training!

  • I look at underlying causes that create dysfunction or imbalances.

  • I partner with your healthcare professional to provide highly individualized treatment in a professional and supportive, (healing) or (compassionate) environment.

  • I take a whole-person approach to healthcare you are more than your symptoms.

What does the program entail?

I blend the art and science of stress management and relief from anxiety and how it contributes to other areas of your life.

  • Effective treatment approach.

  • 100% committed to giving you the personal attention you need and deserve.

  • Personalized attention and specialized care to everyone you walks into my relaxing, comfortable one-of-a- kind space.

  • Combing the best practices of (conventional) or (traditional) and modern medicine.

  • I will work meticulously to diagnose and treat your symptoms that sometimes go unnoticed if strictly using conventional practices.

What do your clients get?

Complimentary gifts to help you stay motivated.

  • Gain access to my exclusive newsletters and cutting-edge information.

  • Complimentary tools along the way to keep you motivated.

  • I can help you achieve wellness without deprivation! We will create momentum that keeps you going as you will constantly see results!