Restore Your Body’s Balance.

I was tired of waiting for life to begin. Health is a precious commodity. We spend time, money and energy saving for a future that will never come so that we can protect ourselves from a past that has already happened.

As an Integrative Health Counselor, I help you accomplish your goals in a way that’s empowering and exciting. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor(LMHC), a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor(LADCI), Certified Health Coach, and Certified Mind-Body Practitioner, we can Restore Body Balance. Using my clinical skills and added training in nutrition, mindfulness and meditation, we address your Whole Health.  

Drained from toxic relationships?

We will restore natural balance and access wellbeing. We will go beyond clinical counseling and uncover the root of many emotional problems.

Want to feel great in your body, mentally and physically?

Healthy people are happy people. We will utilize simple screening tools to identify nutritional deficiencies.

Overwhelmed by stress at work?

Discover a 4-step protocol to decrease stress and increase nutritional health. You will gain a new perspective on work, life, balance.

Did you know 95% of serotonin is stored in your gut not your brain?

We can nourish it naturally. Develop the knowledge and tools to approach mental health with your own therapeutic outcomes by incorporating the mind-body connection.

Fed up with those nagging craving from nicotine, alcohol & sugar?

We can support your journey to end your dependence and take back control with nutritional interventions, tools and ongoing support.

Relief from Anxiety

We can re-train the brain to think differently. How we think is how we feel and vise versa. We will get to the root of the problem. We will find long lasting solutions that put you back in control of your mental well being.

Take an Integrative Health approach.

  • We will balance your emotional, physical, spiritual and social wellbeing.

  • The nutrition world is changing. From our Food Pyramid to Government Labels. Wellness trends and fad diets. 

  • More importantly our cutting-edge research on the Microbiome and the mind-gut connection.

  • Our food becomes our body. It is building and protecting you. 

  • You are worth every penny you put in it.  

  • Make the investment wisely. Invest in your health on a deep cellular level. 

  • You Deserve Optimal Health.


Complimentary Consultation

As an integrative health counselor, I put the power back in YOUR hands. Learn more about my training and my unique approach to health counseling.