Prescription for Change by Colleen A. Burns

I’ve Written the Book on Change.

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Welcome to the The Prescription For Change. After twenty years as a licensed psychotherapist, I believe the secrets to sustaining a new lifestyle are: Not taking out but adding more and building the right habits at the right time. This book is designed to help you do just that. It’s not just about mental or physical health—it’s about lifestyle habits that will last a lifetime. And I will supply you with weekly resources designed to help you succeed. I started my practice, Restore Body Balance, after seeing first-hand how pervasive the lack of access to “whole health care” really is in the 21st century.

After much success using my integrative health counseling programs with clients, I decided to write a “user manual” in a sense. In reading the book The Prescription For Change, you will not only tap into the psychology of behavior change but nourish it with science behind nutrition counseling. Then, deconstruct states that keep us stuck and learn how to use your lifestyle as medicine.
I have indeed discovered the prescription for change! Blending psychology, biology and neurology. I consider myself an expert in my field, but now we have a road map to the brain!

Scientists have discovered how the mind truly works and I came to believe we can use this miraculous organ to help us change unwanted habits and behaviors. From an evolutionary standpoint, it always wants to seek a better life on its own, so let’s give it one!  Then, by adding the art and science behind mindfulness and meditation added at the right time and place and voila! You literally start to change and adopt habits that are almost effortless. Just like learning to read or tying your shoes. And now, you the ability to schedule virtual or in-person sessions with me for programs and consultations tailored to you. I am here to kick off your journey!