Grow an Earth Box on Earth Day

You do not need a lawn to grow a garden, heck not even a yard!  Living in the city has its advantages but I miss the days of going in Grandma M’s yard and picking vegetables straight off the vine.  Ahh that earthy smell transports me immediately.  So, in celebration of Earth Day I grow an Earth Box. And you can too! No digging or weeding required. And you reap the benefits of cancer fighting antioxidants, needed nutrients and a burst of flavor for the entire year.

So, let’s get started.  Click here to find out more about the Earth Box.  Most garden centers carry the system as well.  It’s on wheels so you can roll this magical green garden anywhere.  Place on your roof deck, back patio or any small space.  Add the fertilizer pack and soil (included) and voila you are ready to plant.  Here are some of my favorites.


Also called great basil or St.-Joseph’s-wort, is a quite the medicinal plant.  It has the strong pungent sweet smell is known for its antioxidant and antibacterial properties.  Along with blood clotting Vitamin K, Vitamin A and magnesium.  You can also try Thai Basil, Lemon Basil, and African Blue Basil.  Pesto aside, it also adds a clean flavor to fish, a fat free addition to salads, sprinkled on eggs, or muddled in your favorite beverage.  Hello sparkling water! You’ll have no problem getting your eight glasses a day in now.

Basil loves Tomatoes

And I do not mean just on the burrata anti-pasta plate.  It literally thrives when planted next to one another.  We call this companion planting.  Awe.  My favorite are the Super Sweet 100 Hybrid. These scarlet colored cherry-sized tomatoes are bursting with flavor.  Picked off the vine for a snack, tossed on any green and packed with Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, (red holding the most bang for your buck) Zeaxanthin another flavonoid, protecting your eyes and tons of Vitamins A & C.  Add the beautiful swirls of yellow and green with heirloom tomatoes and you have a meal worthy of Instagram!

 Plant Oregano and Parsley and you will have Italian Seasonings year round

These culinary herbs are a staple for the Fall when I dry my herbs and make seasoned salts that are wonderful gifts in the holiday season. See my store page for my ideas. Oregano, sometimes referred to as wild marjoram, has a floral bitter taste with pungent notes. Sprinkle on pizza, added to sauces and a wonderful addition to grilled fish and kebabs. Parsley has that light grassy aroma that can brighten any meal. Add to stews, fish, meat or poultry.  Especially garnished right at the end of any dish as heat will destroy its flavor.  It’s also known to fight bad breath associated with garlic.

Rosemary and Thyme

The tiny, silver green leaves of the Rosemary plant are incredibly fragrant and are a staple at the end of the season for dried herbs.  Transplanted into a terracotta container and your window sill will give that olfactory overload you’ll enjoy all year. This evergreen perennial shrub is pungently aromatic and packed with vitamins A, B & C.  It also contains minerals like potassium, calcium iron, copper and magnesium helping to control heart rate and blood pressure.  Thyme too has an impressive list of nutrients packing the highest levels of phenolic antioxidants. It is also being an essential oil promoting optimal health.  Lemon Thyme is an amazing addition to homemade vinaigrettes and will bring the delicate flavor out of any seafood.


For real! My friend Lisa gave this to me one year as a gift and I absolutely love it! And buy two.  One for drinks and one for dinner.  Pack this little contraption with mint or any fresh herb and freeze.  Thaw a few minutes and you can grind or twist just the right amount into any dish. Your guests will have a gastronomic garnish from iced teas to spicy remoulades.  Add to salad dressings and chutneys.  They also have the Spice Cube™ or why not make your own.  Hey there Julips and Mojitos we are talking to you! Not only will you have fresh flavor year-round it is an amazing way to preserve your hazy, lazy days of summer!

Check out my  store page for more ideas. 

In good health,


Mike McKenna