Finding a Mantra

“It only takes a small hinge to swing a big door.”

When I travelled to Nepal, many moons ago, one was instructed to spin the prayer wheels as you passed by each temple or statue. They were used to aide in meditation and as a means of accumulating wisdom and good karma.  They were also a means to put bad karmas and energy aside. Inside each beautifully embossed hollow cylinder was tightly scrolled paper with a handwritten Mantra. It gave me a great sense of self and security as I made my way through the Everest mountain range. Now in my private practice I ask my clients to come up with their own Mantras. For how we think is how we feel and vice versa. A Mantra helps re-pattern the brain with a higher level of thinking. So, we can actually develop automatic thoughts that make us feel GOOD! We are very good students by nature. So, by re-programming the brain to think positive thoughts about ourselves we start to feel better. Someone once referred to our thinking as “mini movies we play in our head over and over.” The clinical term is rumination or perseveration. But what if instead of re-hashing the negative thought or event we actually gained some self-respect and integrity by honoring the wonderful person that we truly are! “It only takes a small hinge to move a big door.” 

So, breathe… yes, three big cleansing breaths. When you breathe in through the nose the air goes through the turbinates’ in the nostrils and is aimed right down at the lower lobes of the lungs. That is where the Vagus Nerve comes through the diaphragm. You automatically fire off the “rest and restore” nervous system. So those of us in “fight or flight” let’s take a minute to chill out.  Think of a word that honors you. Give yourself respect.  Repeat day and night… every day…just like brushing your teeth it will become a habit. Soon you can use this technique as needed. In traffic, at work, and with our partners. So stop, think and breathe.

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Another wonderful tool is the “Happiness Planner” find it below and on my Resources Page.

Mike McKenna