My Favorite "Greens"

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! With a name like Colleen Burns one can surmise I am Irish.  (sister is Erin, as in Erin go Bragh, “Ireland Forever”) So in true Restore Body Balance fashion I will share some of my favorite “Greens” in all forms. From dark and leafy to light and tender. The sweet ones and the bitter ones too.

So, while tipping back a pint today, places like The Abby in Washington Square, Brookline, MA, will healthfully serve their Shredded Brussels Sprouts.  Okay so it’s a vegetable but still green and gorgeous on the stalk. Literally could be a centerpiece. My version, (recipe) uses a wee bit less oil and no bacon.  But I still crave theirs and a seat at the bar for their Mixed Baby Leaf Salad.  Another creative and healthy garnish The Abby uses are the delicate Pea Tendrils.  Who knew you would also be getting a high dose of Vitamins A, C and K.  Not to mention Potassium and Fiber.  Thank you Damian and Josh!

Next, we have Kale. Yes, we know Kale is King!  And this dark, leafy green is packed with Vitamins A, K, C. B6, Manganese, Copper & Potassium.  But it is also hard to chew so cook it slightly or “massage” with some lemon juice and olive oil.  Of course, we could just chew it really well for heaven’s sake.  But, what it does not have much of is calcium.  Here we turn to our friends, Spinach and Arugula!  Some of my favorite dishes can be found on my website recipe page.  Spinach is also packed with Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamins A, K and Folate. Try pouring hot soup over a bowl of spinach for a twist even Popeye would enjoy! And all three blend up nicely in a shake!  Try my “Green Monstah Smoothie” with a heavy handful of arugula and you’ll get your daily dose of antioxidants and fiber too.

The last, but certainly not least, are Swiss Chard and Romaine.  Swiss Chard are the first to come up in Spring.  They are tender and come in a rainbow of colors.  Loaded with nutrients, like Vitamins K, A & C.  As well as a source of Magnesium, potassium, Iron & Fiber. Some folks even use the early stalks as a straw for a cool clean juice. And yes, I did leave our household staple of Romaine in the mix. (pardon the pun) This versatile green can be used in salads, as sandwich wrappers, to “boats” that will happily carry any of your favorite fillings.  Try my Romaine Rafts. Plus, Romaine is high in Folate, Vitamins A and easily mixed in with other greens.

Too end on an exotic note, some otherwise unknown Greens, are: Bull’s Blood Beet Greens, Osaka Purple Mustard, Red Russian Kale, Claytonia, Mei Qing Choi, Chervil, Cress, Viola, Chicory, Southern Curled Mustard, Minutina and our beloved Mache.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!! Wear and Eat Green!!

In Health and Happiness,


Colleen Burns